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I’m Thai Huu,
an UI/UX designer
based in Saigon

And most of the time, I’m just an ordinary person who does not hesitate to face daily problems and try to overcome them.

There is no best solution,
just a better one.

I became a UI/UX designer with a background as Graphics Designer and WordPress Developer.

I’m passionate about combating complex problems, offering optimal solutions, and producing effective designs. The process of mixing up logical thinking and intuitive design always intrigues me.

My works

Mobile App & Web Admin

The pioneer app capturing and displaying fan unity and vibes for live events

Web App Responsive

The cash management system provides a simple and effective way to digitize & integrate the cash handling process for banks, carriers, and retailers

Web App Responsive

The business process management system helps automate and improve a set of activities and tasks related to office supplies & equipment requests.